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Klean Athlete B-Complex




What we think

Athletes at every level are driven to push their limits and achieve peak performance. Fueling their bodies properly is crucial to sustain the energy demands for intense training. Yet, some leave key nutrients on the table.

That's why Klean developed Klean B-Complex.

Why the Focus on Vitamin(s) B?

B Vitamins are essential for athletes due to their role in energy metabolism, red blood cell production, and nervous system function. Some key areas they assist are:

  • Energy production
  • Red Blood Cell production
  • Muscle repair and growth
  • Nervous system support 
  • Stress management 
  • Immune function

Klean B-Complex is formulated to provide the essential foundation your body needs to thrive, not just survive.

How to Use It:

It's recommended to take 1 capsule daily, especially during times of high training stress.

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