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Kinesys Sunscreen Clear Zinc



What we think

Are you looking for the best all-natural, reef-safe, mineral sunscreen for athletes? 

Look no further then because Kinesys' 25% zinc performance SPF 30 sunblock is the BEST mineral sunscreen for athletes.

Here’s why….

KINeSYS Clear Zinc is a 100% mineral sunscreen. Natural, Reef Safe and free of synthetic preservatives, it rubs in clear and will keep the whole family safe from the sun, no matter the season – or the sport.

  •       100% Natural Mineral Sunscreen / 25% Zinc Oxide 
  •       Reef Safe / Use with confidence in streams, rivers, beaches, oceans and reefs
  •       Easy to apply / Goes on white and can rub in clear
  •       No synthetic preservatives / Natural Peppermint and Rosemary scent
  •       80 minutes water and sweat resistant / For Face and Body 

Why choose all-natural mineral sunscreen?

When it comes to sunblock, there are two types to choose from: Chemical or Mineral. 

While chemical sunscreens are ‘convenient’, they contain synthetic ingredients known to build up in the blood, cause skin allergies, and even disrupt hormone function (some worse than others). This is why many people prefer to avoid them. The various chemicals in synthetic sunscreens also kill coral reefs, so they are not appropriate if you’re planning on swimming in natural waterways. 

Thankfully, there is a time-tested alternative to chemical sunscreens which is mineral sunscreens. Made with zinc and other natural minerals, mineral sunscreens have been around waay before chemical sunscreens (remember beach days as a kid and being coated in a thick white paste?). 

Mineral sunscreens work by creating a protective barrier between your skin and the sun’s rays. They do not get absorbed by your skin or make their way into your blood. In contrast, chemical sunscreens work by settling deep into your skin layers and filtering UV rays. For this reason, they can build up in your bloodstream and may not fully protect you from all UV rays. Makers of chemical sunscreens use a variety of chemicals, some more harmful than others. 

While Kinesys does a great job of NOT using the most harmful chemicals in their products, the ONLY 100% natural and safe sunblock is a mineral sunscreen. 

The main reason chemical sunscreens are preferred is that they are less messy/sticky to apply and don’t leave a white coating on the skin. 

THE GREAT NEWS is that Kinesys 25% zinc mineral sunscreen has been formulated to RUB IN fully and be EASY to apply. This makes it a win/win in the sunscreen world! 

The consistency of this mineral sunscreen is whipped, so it’s lighter and easier to rub in and doesn’t leave you with a thick grease-coated feeling. While it goes on white at first, within a few minutes (up to 10), you’ll be able to rub it in with no white residue left. 

What does it smell like? 

In keeping with the 100% all-natural sunblock theme, this mineral sunscreen is scented with rosemary and peppermint essential oils. These amazing essential oils are natural preservatives, so you’ll get a nice minty scent AND non-chemical preservation of your lotion! They also have the added aromatherapy benefit of being energizing and reviving as well as soothing to skin and sore muscles (what athlete doesn’t like the sound of that??) 

Here’s what our athletes are saying…

My kids and I are super sensitive to the sun and burn on our faces like crazy no matter what I put on and even with hats. This stuff is gold. Haven’t gotten burnt yet, I can’t say enough about how much I love this stuff.”  -Amber

My husband and kids tend to always get burns right beneath their eyes and on their noses. To combat this issue, I ordered this Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen. It is fantastic. Unlike other zinc oxide sunscreens, this one rubs in clear rather than leaving the white lines on your face. It has a strong minty scent, which we all like. And the jar has plenty to last all summer. The sunscreen is thick and heavy, so a little goes a long way and it definitely coats the skin. It works well even after my kids have been in the water. Highly recommend!”  -Jennifer

“Adheres to the skin and rubs in clear. Lasts longer than any other product I’ve tried.” -Mark

How to Use it

Mineral sunscreens work by reflecting harmful UV rays from the sun, so proper coverage to all exposed areas is critical. Ensure you’ve used enough of your zinc oxide sunscreen before heading out into the sun.

The thick cream formula of our Zinc is easy to apply. Follow the steps below to make applying our Zinc easy and to ensure proper coverage.

When applying, Think “SPF”

  1. Soften product in your hands to help make our thick cream formula easier to apply.

  2. Pat over all exposed skin in sections. Our Zinc goes on white, making it easy to see where it’s been applied, and simple to spot any missed patches.

  3. Fully rub in section-by-section. Working in small sections is the best way to ensure coverage.

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