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Kate's Real Food Bar




What we think

If you need whole foods and you want them super portable, then think Kate's Bar. 

Why Kate's?

Kate's story is simple! From mountains to farm, the Tram Bar origins reflect the company’s mission of staying true to their roots. They strive to provide great products made with wholesome ingredients from responsible, organic farms.

Kate’s bars will harness that home-made taste and feel. The complex blend of carbs and protein keep you playing…for hours! Perfect for big days on the bike, hiking, or in between activities all day!

What's in it?

Each bar is hand crafted from organic and and GMO-free ingredients. The flavor combinations taste as fun as they sound, and are nutritionally dense to keep you sustained out in the wilderness or when you need that grab-and-go good food.

They have a decent margin of macronutrient offerings, but most will have between 30-50g of carbs, around 10g of protein, and plenty of tasty nutrients. 

What're my options?

Single servings or a box of 12! They have a variety of tasty flavors.

The Feed’s Fave: Stash Bar - Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

How to use it:

This great tasting bar made with organic ingredients is an ideal snack during activity full days. Whether your on your bike or skis, Kate's bars will keep you feeling fueled up and strong all day.

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