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You train hard, get quality sleep and consume all the right nutrition, but what if you could meaningfully increase your oxygen intake in under 60 seconds?

I'm sure you've seen "breathing strips" like the Breathe Right kind used by athletes for years. The reason they're still around is that they work. They open up your nasal air passage so you can breathe in and out better, getting more oxygen into your cells.

I've tried them and know they work, BUT they don't work well enough for me to go through the hassle (and sideways looks🙄) of using them all the time.

Introducing Intake Breathing:

It's the same concept as the old breathing strips but with a solid bridge piece attached to super-powerful magnets (more on that in a second).

The difference is the Intake device REALLY WORKS. It massively opens up your sinus passages and you'll immediately notice the difference on your first inhale.

How does it work?

The flimsy cloth strip of a Breathe Rite is replaced with a hard plastic bar that is in an arch shape to frame your nose, from nostril to nostril.

To use the device,  you first clean your nose of oils (cleansing wipes included in your kit) and place a small sticker with a strong magnet on the outside of each nostril. A mini tool is included in your kit, making it really easy to apply the stickers. The bridge connects to the magnetic stickers on each side and BOOM your nasal airways open up.

I know, it sounds a little crazy, check out the video to see the difference for yourself!

Did you know... 

Breathing through your nose has long been a sought-after skillset for endurance athletes. The problem is it takes time and effort to develop this habit. With Intake Breathing systems, unlocking efficient nose breathing is as simple as applying the device and you're off to the races! 

Key benefits that come from using Intake Breathing.

1. Improve Endurance
Lowered heart rate, regulated hydration levels, and balanced blood pH maximize stamina and endurance.

2. Lower Heart Rate
Regulated breathing prevents hyperventilation, making each breath more oxygen-efficient.

3.Reduce Inflammation 
Air inhaled through the nose rather than the mouth is humidified and filtered of particulates, protecting lung and throat tissue. When you’re breathing more efficiently, you’re performing more efficiently, whether you’re a hardcore athlete or someone who just wants to give their body the best edge it can get.

Why Intake Breathing versus standard nasal strips

More Durable
Intake was designed for longtime wear—the two-part system is built to withstand sweat, moisture, and impact. 

More Effective
Intake opens your nose wider than traditional nasal strips, allowing you to fully stimulate your lungs with each breath.

What the kit includes: (Select size via the drop-down menu)

  • 2 Intake Bands: our revolutionary nasal dilator in two sizes so you can find the best fit for your sport or activity. Suited for daytime and nighttime use.
  • 10 Pairs of Applicator Tabs: enough moisture-wicking tabs to get you through 10 workouts (that means running, cycling, swimming, gym-ing, and anything in between) or 10 sleeps (stop snoring, start actually sleeping).
  • 10 Prep Wipes: get that nose clean.
  • 1 Magnetic Applicator: speeds up the application so you can get to work.
  • Hard Travel Case: keeps it all organized so you can breathe easy, physically and metaphorically.

What the refill kit includes: (Select from the drop-down)

  • 2 refill containers (40 individual tabs totaling 20 uses)
  • 20 prep wipes


What size do you need?

Each kit comes with 2 bridges in slightly different sizes, but you still need to decide if you are in the range of small, medium, or large:


You can also download a PDF you can print at home to measure even more precisely.  Most people don't need the PDF as a guess is usually close enough, especially since you get two bridges in each box of different sizes. 

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