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INFINIT Javi Instant Protein Latte




What we think

INFINIT MUD is now Javi – the same great formula with a fresh look!

MUD was one of the first INFINIT formulas ever. When their product line consisted of just a handful of electrolyte and fuel formulas, they had MUD – their protein-packed and energizing mocha.

INFINIT made the very conscious decision to not touch the recipe, so Javi will boast the same nutritional breakdown and benefits you’ve come to expect from MUD over the years.

What is Javi?

If you’re looking for a morning jolt, post-run pick me up, or a mid-day recharge after a tough workout, then look to Javi Instant Protein Latte. Javi is a coffee/mocha-flavored pre- or post-workout drink that has the carbs and protein you need to fuel you and/or help you recover.

It contains hand-picked coffee, premium whey isolate, natural chocolate, ground flax, and three different sources of carbohydrates. Mix all these ingredients together, and you get the perfect blend of fast absorbing carbs for quick energy and fast absorbing protein for muscle building or repair.

This natural mix of protein, omega-3's, simple carbs, and real coffee is a drink you can feel good about having any time of day. Whether you're wanting a pre-workout boost, some post-workout recovery, or just a mid-day pick me up, this awesome drink mix can help!

How to Use It:

Mix Javi with your favorite milk or milk alternative for a protein-packed energy drink that's great before or after training...or a day at the office. Javi is also a great for keeping your body and mind energized after a tough workout – especially if you have a full day of work ahead of you!

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