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INFINIT Go Far Endurance Fuel




What we think

Drink mixes are a great way to meet both hydration and fueling needs while out on a long ride or during an endurance event. This drink mix is a great alternative to chews, gels, and bars, especially if you struggle with taking in fuel during exercise. This drink mix from Infinit is formulated to provide the calories, electrolytes, and protein you need for any endurance event. It contains a blend of three different sources of carbohydrates, which allows you to best absorb and use the fuel you’re taking in. It contains 4 grams of grass-fed, ultra-pure whey protein isolate to help curb hunger during long events, and is over 99% lactose free for easy absorption without stomach issues.

Go Far’s exclusive electrolyte blend was developed by a sports dietitian to help eliminate muscle cramping. It works by rehydrating the body and replenishing minerals lost through sweat. This formula also contains 600 mg of BCAA’s per serving to help boost endurance performance. This drink mix can be used in place of bars, gels/chews, salt tablets, and even food.

Infinit: Go Far contains their unique Osmo-Fit technology that makes this drink isotonic, meaning its concentration is perfect to allow for optimal absorption without GI issues. This drink mix has a light, refreshing flavor that tastes great even after it’s been warming in the sun on your 4-hour ride. If you struggle with stomach issues while fueling for long events, this may be the product you’ve been missing!

How We Use It

Mix 2 scoops into your water bottle and drink one bottle every 60-90 minutes to fuel you through long events or workouts.

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