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Infinit Cold Brew Performance Coffee




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Looking for a way to get your protein in and your coffee fix at the same time? Look no further! This performance coffee from Infinit is the protein packed, easy to make cold brew coffee you’ve been looking for.  

This functional iced coffee mix is lightly sweetened with less than 10 grams of pure non-GMO cane sugar per serving.  Infinit has an exclusive Irish grass-fed whey protein isolate that is produced from the milk of dairy cows who have spent an average of 300 days grazing in Ireland's lush pastures, and farmed with a special focus on animal welfare and environmental responsibility. 

The coffee beans are artisan picked and carefully brewed at a low temperature over hours, which provides the deep, rich and ridiculously smooth flavor that is characteristic of a good cold brew. This methodical and well-practiced routine enables it to pack a punch of 100mg of natural caffeine per serving.  This brew already has a hint of natural cream, simply mix Cold Brew with water for an easy protein-packed iced coffee anywhere you are.


 Infinit Cold Brew Performance Coffee is great whenever. Use for a post-workout recovery drink or a mid-day pick me up! Mix 2 Scoops or one Single Packet with 10oz of water. That's it! 

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