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Hyperice X



What we think

Hot, cold and incredible contrast therapy treatment on demand!

Take your recovery game up a notch with Hyperice X! This device is phenomenal for all athletes who require proper recovery in the knee area. Whether you are recovering from a knee injury, or simply need to cool down after a long workout, Hyperice X has the power to keep your knees at their best. 

What makes this different from your usual ice/hot packs?

Well, technology has its advantages! Hyperice X can switch between hot and cold therapy within 60 seconds. Whether you’re laying down or have a busy schedule, Hyperice X allows you to recover faster without any hassle. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about actually switching between an ice pack and a hot pack, especially if you are injured and can’t put weight on your knees. 

How does this product work?

Now that we are living in a world of technology, almost everything is operated through your phone. Hyperice X can be managed and adjusted through your phone via the Hyperice App through connection. Simple, easy and absolutely convenient!


Weight: 2lbs

Battery Life: 1.5 hours

Size: 34in x 28in x 2in

TSA Approved!

Why Hyperice X?

Not only does this product make it super easy and convenient to recover faster, but it actually has some cool features!

  1. Hyperice X can be used for both your right and left knee
  2. There’s a white ring on this product that helps you align your knee cap for proper alignment
  3. It comes with 3 straps to help you adjust this device on your knee for a comfortable recovery
  4. Unlike traditional icing and heating pads, Hyperice X provides a long-lasting and sustained recovery without any change in temperature.

How We Use It:

In situations of pain and inflammation, we like to turn on the power of cold therapy to reduce both. After that, we like to turn up the heat to reduce tension and aches!

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