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Hyperice Venom Go Replacement Patches



What we think

Need a refill?

Grab these and Go.

The Venom Go pads are designed specifically for the Venom Go. This refill pack contains three (3) reusable pads each providing up to 20 uses per pad. That’s a whopping 60 total uses.

In case you need a quick reminder, the Venom Go is the most portable pain reliever from Hyperice – it’s “spot on”.

We mean it literally, too. You can directly target and treat sore muscles in an instant with soothing combinations of both heat and vibration. It’s designed for convenient recovery, anytime and anywhere. We’re all busy, but the “pod” saves time and soothes your aches without getting in the way – while you are out for groceries, commuting to work, or even AT work.

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