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The recovery game-changer –  PRO style!

Is a fast recovery important to you? Are you wanting to maximize time between sessions? If you’re willing to invest in the best tech available to get results then you’re going LOVE NormaTec 2.0 Pro's dynamic air compression restorative massage system. 

This system has been proven to speed recovery after exercise faster than ‘natural’ methods. 

If you’re new to NormaTec compression therapy just imagine huge black floaties (called ‘sleeves;)  that zip up and wrap around your legs from toe to crotch These sleeves are attached to a hose that’s connected to a control system that inflates and deflates at a tempo designed to help you heal and recover faster after exercise by moving your body fluids. 

“The device uses air compression technology to get the bad stuff out, and get the good stuff in.” says Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec

The pulsating mechanism flushes waste products and lowers lactate concentrations more rapidly than your body can do naturally on its own, resulting in a reduced lactic acid build-up, faster recovery, less pain, and a whole lotta “mmm, that feels good”...  

After all, it’s like having a highly skilled masseuse gliding up and down your legs. Not a bad treat to look forward to after crushing it in your training! 

🤷🏼 What’s the difference between Normatect 2.0 and Normatec 2.0 PRO? 

You can’t go wrong with choosing either of these high-tech devices to assist you in your recovery. The main difference between these two is the complete customization options of the PRO, which is designed so that you can find the perfect intensity for you. The Normatec 2.0 Pro offers up to 10 levels of intensity, which lets you dial in your warmup and recovery to your exact preferences. 

More about NormaTec… 

Cutting-Edge Compression

Warm-up and recover like never before. The Normatec 2.0 PRO uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that is shown to increase circulation and you feel refreshed faster. 

Custom Calibration

The Normatec patented Pulse massage pattern includes a unique digitally controlled calibration phase that molds the attachments to your body, guaranteeing a custom fit and perfectly precise pressure each session 


Give yourself a little extra with ZoneBoost technology. If a certain part of your leg, hip, or arm needs a boost of attention, select its corresponding zone to add 10mmHg more pressure for 60 seconds longer.

Design Features:

  • TSA approved for carry-on so that you can take it with you when traveling, to use after competition, etc.

  • Bluetooth connected for customization and ease of use

  • Color display panel so you can control your settings easily

  • 10  intensity levels for a totally personalized experience

  • Customizable time, pressure, and zone settings

  • ZoneBoost technology to target ‘problem’ areas.

  • In addition to the preprogrammed Recovery Flush or Rehab modes, the Normatec 2.0 Pro system offers Custom mode, allowing you to adjust the timing and pressure of each zone for full control over your sessions.

  • Compact, lightweight control unit (3.4 lbs). It may look like a lot, but it’s remarkably light and easy to carry with you!

  • 15 V power and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for long-lasting massages

  • The attachment features: Reinforced, durable construction so that it won’t rip or leak

  • Premium-grade locking zippers. No cheap junk that’s going to break on you!

  • Overlapping zones for gapless compression, keeping the massage tight and sealed so you can recover FAST

  • Integrated internal hosing for comfort and durability 

What’s Included

  • Normatec Compression Attachments
  • Leg Attachments (2)
  • Normatic 2.0 PRO Control Unit
  • Hose 
  • Power supply
  • Additional plug adapters (3) 
  • 1 year warranty

What Size do you need?

  • Are you 5'4" to 6'3" then you want Standard
  • Are you 6'4" and over then you want Tall
  • Are you 5'3" or under then you want Short

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