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*Note the Hyperice Premium comes with:

Core Essential ($179) 

One year of Premium ($69.99/yr):
300+ guided meditations, breath training, and soundscapes with new sessions updated daily. ($30 Savings)

Learning to meditate and connect with your mind and body can be very difficult. With the stress coming from sports, daily activities or school, meditation therapy can take the edge off and help you relax, focus and stay consistent. If you’re one to struggle developing a consistent meditation habit, Hyperice got just the right product for you!

What is Hyperice Core?

It is your personal meditation trainer that uses dynamic vibrations. Those vibrations center your attention during meditation. There are biosensors that give you feedback to see your body’s physical response by measuring your heart rate variability (HRV), which is your leading indicator of wellness. 

How does Hyperice Core help you meditate?

Guided Meditations

Hyperice Core offers many voice guided meditation options. If you are looking to become a premium subscriber, there will be new meditation classes each week that help you with a new kind of peace of mind. These meditation classes are offered by their team of expert instructors!

Breath Training

With breath training, you will learn to unlock one of the most powerful calming tools you have. Breathing meditation! Hyperice core offers an extensive selection of breath training sessions. Breath training is known to reduce stress levels, lower heart rate and regulate your body’s response to stress and fatigue.

Sound and Music

Hyperice offers a selection of sound and music with background vibrations that support your inner calm and focus! Sound and music meditation has been proven to help people reduce tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety and increase a sense of spiritual well-being.

Dynamic Vibration Guidance

Dynamic vibration guidance uses core pulses alongside your meditation sessions. These core pulses, depending on the type of session, will guide you with breath technique training and serve as a gentle reminder to keep you attention focused!

How often should you meditate?

Studies recommend meditation practices at least once a day, for 30-45 minutes. This allows you to de-stress from your daily routines and connect with your mind and body. 

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