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HVMN has formulated a game changing supplement that aides in a number of mental capacities.  

Rise is a daily supplement for your brain and mind supporting memory, mood, and long-term cognitive items. It claims to assist memory whilst reducing anxiety and stress.  All together this helps aid in overall brain function and keeps you at the top of your game!  This supplement caught our eye a year or so back and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Business Insider.

We usually only have a handful of supplements that we take these days (depending on our training) however when we want to stay fresh at work (you know that thing you do to pay the bills for the adventures) we have these in our back pocket.  It's important to note that to see the "real" effects of this item it's important to start taking them consistently.  We noticed the real effects a few weeks after we started a routine. 


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