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UPDATE:  HVMN now has a new Ketone drink called Ketone-IQ that is available now.


Ever wonder what it would be like to have something like "rocket fuel" in your back pocket to give you that boost you need during a long run or that fast group ride?  Well....enter HVMN Ketone.  HVMN Ketone is the world’s first ketone ester, a sports drink shown (via scientific data) to improve performance and recovery.  So you are likely asking - what exactly is a ketone drink, and why do I want it?

Ketones are produced by the body from fat breakdown when it has experienced extended periods of starvation or lack of carbohydrates. These ketones provide an alternative source of fuel to glucose (what carbohydrates break down into).

Both carbs and ketones provide fast energy to power the brain and muscles, but ketones require 28% less oxygen to be used as fuel compared to carbohydrates. This means you can get more energy and have more oxygen available for your working muscles during exercise. It's a win-win!

Although ketones can be beneficial for performance, naturally producing ketones requires you to follow a strict low-carb diet, which can be detrimental to endurance performance. This ketone drink, developed by scientists at Oxford and NIH, helps you elevate your blood ketone levels beyond anything you can achieve with a restrictive diet, while still allowing you to take in the carbs you need for performance. 

Here are some of the performance benefits of using HVMN Ketones:

  • Increased endurance performance: by sparing muscle glycogen stores, lowering blood lactate levels, and increasing efficiency of muscles
  • Improved muscle recovery: increased rate of glycogen resynthesis (replenishing energy stores) and protein synthesis (rebuilding muscles), decreased muscle breakdown
  • Enhanced cognitive ability: ketones can cross the blood-brain-barrier to provide an efficient source of fuel for neurons, allowing you to sustain peak cognitive performance for longer
  • Support fasting and dietary goals: can allow you to stay in ketosis while consuming carbs 

FDA and WADA compliant with no caffeine, sugar, salt, or fat - it's no wonder that some of the top athletes across a number of sports disciplines are loyal to this fuel source! World Tour Cycling Teams - NFL Athletes and many more stay on top of their game with HVMN Ketone. 

How We Use It

Depending on the event/training plan we like to take this 30-45 before our racing begins.  Note - we can take this with other supplements/gels during our training and racing as well.  This is a great "add-on" to the routine. You can take an additional bottle every couple of hours, but be careful not to exceed 3 bottles in 24 hours, so spread them out as needed. It's also a great idea to take one bottle after exercise to promote recovery!

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