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Human N Supergrapes w/ CoQ10 Heart Chews




What we think

What if we said you could chew your way to promote better blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle?  We all love chews or gummies - So why not consider this powerhouse of a chew that promotes some great lifestyle benefits?

We all know how important cellular energy is and key benefits behind keeping up as we age.  Cellular energy is a key to supporting healthy blood pressure at every age. These NEW and IMPROVED SuperGrapes Chews delivers the added strength of CoQ10—an essential coenzyme your body needs to produce cellular energy.

These SuperGrapes chews combine the clinically studied cardiovascular benefits of our unique grape seed extract, plus Vitamin B12 and CoQ10 and are a catalyst to:

  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Replenish your CoQ10 levels
  • Promote cellular energy
  • Support circulation and healthy blood flow
  • Help protect cells from free radical damage & reduce oxidative stress

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