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What if we said you could chew your way to support memory and focus?  We all love chews or gummies - So why not consider this powerhouse of a chew that promotes memory and brain health?

From the original leaders in circulation superfoods, comes the ONLY cognitive chew with a unique compound that promotes blood flow to the brain.

  • Supports memory & brain health
  • Promotes brain blood flow
  • Supports mental alertness & focus
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress

Human N says:

"SuperBeets Memory + Focus contains unique polyphenol compounds clinically studied to promote brain blood flow as well as support BDNF, a key neuroprotein essential to memory & focus.  Additionally "SuperBeets Memory & Focus is the ONLY food-based, daily chew formula of its kind containing a unique polyphenol compound, clinically studied to promote brain blood flow and support overall cognitive health, combined with a patented Coffee Fruit Extract, clinically shown to support memory, mental alertness, and help reduce perceptions of mental fatigue."

1 Chew a day keep the brain at play!

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