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What we think

Year round immune support?  Say that again?  You heard that right!  Human N SuperBeets Immune was introduced with one thing in mind.  Keeping all of us healthier year round. 

Human N says "SuperBeets Immune is our most defensive formula yet, and our first to promote immune health."  So how do they do it you ask?  SuperBeets Immune has a key ingredient that kicks that sick feeling to the side with Wellmune.  Human N says -  "You may not have heard of Wellmune (yet) but it’s the knock-out punch in our immune defense formula. A yeast beta glucan backed by over 12 clinical studies, Wellmune is clinically-researched to help strengthen immune health. Some other products have a little, but ours has 250mg to deliver results." 

Well know this....the results are in....and this formulation kicks butt!  They have even nailed the taste to make sure it's not one of the immune boost drinks that have a "rough" taste.  Key features of SuperBeets Immune include:

  • Maintaining a strong immune system
  • Promote immune health year round
  • Strengthen natural defenses to maintain health
  • Stay healthy during times of stress - Stressed?  Not us!

How We Use It

We take Human N SuperBeets Immune daily before our workouts.  Can't think of a better way to start the day and on top of that the taste is killer!

How To Use It

We mix 1 Scoop with water.  4-6 ounces does the trick.  Drink it right away.  After that....get ready to feel good!  1 Scoop a day....keeps that "icky" feeling away!

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