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Human N Superbeets Heart Chews


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What we think

What if we said you could chew your way to better health?  We all love chews or gummies - So why not consider this powerhouse of a chew that promotes a healthier heart?

Human N notes that "Powered by clinically researched grape seed extract, SuperBeets Heart Chews make doing more to support your healthy blood pressure and energy more convenient."

These chews pack a load of benefits:

  • Powered by grape seed extract to help support healthy blood pressure
  • Provide circulatory support
  • Promote heart healthy energy
  • Support heart health
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress & damage

Human N has taken cardio nutrition to the next level of convenience. Did you know these chews are powered by clinically researched grape seed extract for blood pressure and energy support?   We also love that they are plant-based and an additional level of support for your heart health—no matter where you are or how busy you are you'll have no excuse!

Just 2 chews a day give you more of the antioxidants you need to:

  1. Help reduce oxidative stress from free radicals
  2. Which helps support your circulation & blood flow
  3. To help support your blood pressure
  4. So you feel more energized throughout the day

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