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Human N D3.K2 Complex




What we think

Sounds like we are talking about Star Wars with this one but we assure you it's way more important!  Human N has formulated a fantastic calcium optimization supplement that also enables healthy arteries.  According to Human N "This high-quality D3.K2 complex works harder to help your bones absorb the calcium they need. Because many adults have low levels of vitamin D, the calcium they take isn’t always fully absorbed by their bones. When that happens, calcium can make its way into your bloodstream and arteries. Vitamin K2 helps, with the help of vitamin D3, deliver calcium to your bones."

What's unique about this tablet is that it dissolves on the tongue and gets quickly absorbed by the system.  Highlights of this supplement include:

  • Optimized calcium absorption
  • Promote healthy arteries
  • Work synergistically with calcium to support bone and cardiovascular health
  • Direct calcium to your bones

How We Use It

Dissolve one D3.K2 Complex tab completely on your tongue before swallowing. Do not swallow the tab whole or place it under your tongue. Take one tab daily. 

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