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Your favorite zero-waste deodorant that offers some of the most refreshing scents!

Human Essentials deodorant is not your typical deodorant. It is made with plants and  is specifically formulated for people who are into sports and activities. Not to mention, this product was made with zero waste and zero animal cruelty.

Now, here’s what makes this deodorant extra special…

Made with 4 unique scents, this product is manufactured with a P.E.E.L Technology Canister that is entirely biodegradable. This type of technology is specific only to Human Essentials and their product, which makes their deodorant the most innovative and zero-waste deodorant there is. 

Human essentials value the idea of taking care of the world inside out.

Starting with a basic home essential, you can take care of your body while also minimizing your carbon footprint on our beautiful planet Earth.

When it comes to being an athlete, it is important to be in sync with good nutrition, hydration, and quality products for your daily essentials. Coming from our team of athletes to you, we cannot stress enough the importance of using products with the right ingredients!

Here’s how this product works:

As you use the deodorant over time, you can peel the pull tabs and toss them in your compost. Once your deodorant gets fully used, you can toss the empty canister in your veggie garden guilt-free. The cool thing about this product is that no matter where it ends up, the packaging will disappear without a trace. Poof!

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