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HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness




What we think

If you’re one to get really sore from working out, HOTSHOT has just the right product for you!

Muscle soreness is both a muscular and a neurological issue that athletes experience with high intensity exercise. The way muscle soreness works is, during exercise your connective tissue and muscle fibers become damaged or experience micro-tearing. 

The neurological aspect of muscle soreness comes from the hyperactive nerves that are repeatedly pounding from the heavy-working muscles. This mechanism contributes to lingering pain in the next day or two. It’s crazy to think that all these processes are happening just from exercise!

How does HOTSHOT for muscle soreness work?

Well, there are many current recovery activities that can be done to mechanically relieve muscle soreness, like deep tissue massages and active stretching. However, there are zero reported mechanisms that help prevent muscle soreness neurologically. 

Zero up until now! HOTSHOT for Muscle Soreness proprietary spice blend works to calm those hyperactive nerves that are triggered during exercise. This product actually stops the hyperactivity of those nerves before it starts to preventatively lessen next-day pain. 

Athletes have reported:

92% felt less muscle pain the day after

84% felt less muscle soreness even after their longest workout

88% reported that their next day workouts were better due to decreased muscle soreness

How We Use It:

We like to take HOTSHOT for muscle soreness as part of our pre-workout regimen 15-30 minutes before our workout!

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