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Cramping for endurance athletes can mean the end of your training day, your effort, or your big race that you have been training for. I've seen Tour de France athletes cramp and it ruined their entire Tour, even taking days to recover fully.

To fight cramping, you need a two-pronged strategy:

  1. How to prevent cramping from happening.
  2. What to do when you get a cramp. 

Preventing cramping:

First, you should be using an electrolyte-rich hydration mix during your workout. You should already know that you need more than water and should be drinking products like Skratch.

Second, you need to get HOTSHOT today and here is why:

If you are prone to cramping, you can still have a perfect hydration plan and get cramps. That is where a cramp prevention and treatment HOTSHOT comes into play.

HOTSHOT was invented by an endurance athlete and a Noble Prize-winning scientist looking for a cramp solution that works. Their solution is genius. They discovered that the cramping is from over-excited nerves firing over and over again. Their solution was to essentially short-circuit those over-excited nerves by overwhelming your nerve endings in your mouth, throat, and stomach with a spicy cocktail.

What to do:

  • You feel a cramp coming on or starting.
  • You drink HOTSHOT which is a super spicy shot.
  • HOTSHOT overwhelms the nerves in your mouth and throat
  • Within 30 seconds your newly stimulated nerves stop the signal from going to your muscle to tell it to cramp and starts sending out a calming signal.
  • Cramps cease for up to 8 hours.

What's the feedback?

I can tell you 100% that it works and I've recovered from workout ending cramps and was able to continue my workout cramp free. While it is most effective right before or during a cramp, you can also use it as a preventive measure. HOTSHOT has shown that among heavy crampers, it can prevent muscle cramps by over 50% during a workout when used 15 to 30 minutes before the workout.

Athletes that try HOTSHOT love it. 91% of first-time buyers plan on buying HOTSHOT again. Craig Alexander (3x Triathlon World Champion) swears by HOTSHOT in his training. The entire USA Cycling Team uses HOTSHOT in their training and racing.

HOTSHOT also has new research showing that it can also reduce next day muscle soreness after hard works, regardless of cramping.

HOTSHOT Sports Shot is a proprietary blend of ginger, cinnamon and capsaicin trigger the sensory nerves located in your mouth and esophagus. These nerves send a calming signal to the hyperactive nerves that cause cramps and soreness. 

How To Use:

Perfect for everyday training, competition or even the dreaded middle of the night cramp attack. HOTSHOT begins to work within 30 sec, prevents cramps for up to 8
hrs and can reduce next-day soreness. A must-have for prevention and recovery. 

PREVENTDrink a 1.7oz Sports Shot 15 minutes before your workout so you can push harder, train longer and finish stronger!

TREAT: Drink at the first sign of a cramp and feel the
effects within a minute.

RECOVER: Drink after a workout to prevent delayed
onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or post-workout/ night

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