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Honey Stinger Protein Bar




What we think

The Honey Stinger Protein Bar is the perfect portable recovery snack for the busy athlete. It contains 10 grams of whey protein and over 25% USDA certified organic honey in the optimal 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio to promote muscle repair and to replenish energy stores. Honey is the perfect 1:1 blend of glucose and fructose, which is easy for your body to breakdown and use for energy.

These bars contain gluten-free ingredients, 23 vitamins and minerals, calcium, and antioxidants. They are soft and chewy on the inside and coated in chocolate, making them a delicious post-workout recovery option.

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How We Use It

Here at the Feed we use these bars for long rides and hard training days. The combination of whey protein and carbohydrates from honey makes this bar a fantastic form of immediate recovery to refuel and repair after a long session. 

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