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Honey Stinger Caffeinated Chews


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What we think

Honey Stinger took their beloved chews and created this line of high performance chews for when you need more. These chews contain 50mg of caffeine as well as electrolytes, in addition to high quality carbs from honey, to help support higher intensity and longer duration exercise. They help your mind and your body prepare and perform your best, meaning you can give it your all for longer.

Caffeine helps to support heart rate during prolonged efforts by increasing blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body and to working muscles. Caffeine can also help ward off the sensation of fatigue and even increase the strength of muscle contractions. The electrolyte mixture in these chews includes sodium, potassium, and calcium to help replenish your electrolyte reserve and keep you hydrated during sustained efforts. 

How We Use It:
These PLUS+ Performance Chews are perfect for those big workout or race days. They're great to have before a workout to top off fuel stores and provide some quick energy, as well as during long efforts to help sustain you. Have a few chews every 10-15 minutes (1 pack every 60-90 minutes). Be sure to wash these down with plenty of fluids for optimal absorption!

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