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Honey Stinger Oat + Honey Bar




What we think

Imagine the long-time favorite breakfast bowl for athletes…a big serving of oatmeal with all kinds of tasty toppings. Now, imagine that Honey Stinger has made a portable version.

Specifically formulated to help athletes prepare for a workout, this new Oat + Honey Bar is a perfect blend of adequate carbs, some fat, and 6 grams of protein. It’ll “fill you up without weighing you down”.

What we love about it is the balanced nature of this bar. It’s not heavy, doesn’t spike-and-crash your glucose, and tastes super satisfying.

Real Ingredients

Freshly ground peanuts, wholesome oats, and golden honey make for the main ingredients. This bar is different than most, though. It’s got a creamy, rich center surrounded by caramel and rolled in toasted granola (chocolate granola and mini chocolate chips for the Chocolate version) to bring some “yum” to your next pre-workout routine.

How to Use It:

Consume these before your workout to fuel you up without having to juggle which snack to get, finding food, or being left unprepared.

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