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Hammer Perpetuem



What we think

When you're pushing your body harder and longer in ultra endurance events, you need energy that's going to last. Enter Hammer Perpetuem. It has undergone rigorous testing and was specifically formulated for multi-hour (or multi-day) events. The 54 grams of complex carbohydrates used are long-chain carbs, which means they'll fuel your body with a continual stream of energy as they're broken down. The protein used is a soy isolate. Using perpetuem over a period of time will allow your body to efficiently use fat and protein for energy as opposed to simple sugars that leave you crashing. It contains buffers to keep lactic acid from causing muscle fatigue. Sometimes when you're at your max your body just can't stomach any more food, that's when you reach for your bottle of perpetuem. Perpetuem has changed the game for endurance athletes.

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How We Use It

Here at The Feed, we rely on optimal nutrition provided by Hammer Perpetuem to help avoid crashing during super intense, long bouts of exercise. We use this fuel during extreme endurance workouts and competition for sustained energy. Mixing this ultra-fueling powder into your water will help keep you going on those long, tough workouts or races.

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