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Adding protein into your diet is essential for muscle growth and repair. Hammer Whey Protein uses the most bioavailable form of protein, and has the highest percentage of amino acids for building protein. The six grams of glutamine support the immune system and improve liver function, while the methionine and cysteine stimulate the production of antioxidants. Hammer Whey Protein is whey isolate, which has minimal traces of lactose, so many lactose-intolerant people can consume whey isolate without feeling negative side effects. The real icing on the cake is the quadripeptides, which have an analgesic effect to help alleviate soreness after workouts. Less pain and stronger muscles, definitely a win! Whether you like the warmth and spice of chai, or prefer the unflavored so you can mix it with any of your favorite drinks, Hammer is delicious and gets you on the road to recovery, fast.

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How We Use

Use Hammer Whey Protein post-workouts to refuel and rebuild muscle. Hammer Whey Protein shakes can also be used for meal replacement.

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