Hammer HEED



What we think

Standing for High Electrolyte Energy Drink, HEED is one of the more unique drinks on the market. HEED provides a higher number of carbs than most drinks, and it utilizes a complex carbohydrate forumla which provides lasting energy and the ideal amount of calories for your body. It also contains a full electrolyte profile, more than just salt and potassium. With added chromium polynicotinate for maintaining stable glucose levels and l-carnosine for buffering lactic acid HEED really does it all. The flavors are light and fruity, we recommend the melon when you're looking for something fun and different.

Feed's Fave: Melon, Lemon-Lime

How We Use

We recommend Hammer HEED be used during long-endurance exercise and competition for sustained energy. The unique formula provides next level hydration to keep you competing at your best!

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