Hammer Gel



What we think

It's everything you need and nothing that you don't.

Hammer Gels focus on a more consistent, slower release of energy than most gels.

Carbohydrate heavy and light on the sugar, Hammer Nutrition Hammer Gels utilize long-chain complex carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin which release a consistent flow of energy to your muscles. They hit your blood stream quick to pick you up from a bonk but won't send you crashing immediately after. They have no added sugars, artificial flavors or sweeteners, the consistency is light and syrupy, and the flavors are delicious.

Feed's Fave: Montana Huckleberry (the Montana Huckleberry is one of the most unique flavors on the market)

How to use them:

We take these gels just before (~15min) and during exercise for a quick hit of glycogen. This quick energy gives us a nice boost and allows us to keep rolling during our training sessions and workouts.

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