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GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix




What we think

This supercharged Gu Roctane Energy Drink Mix is especially designed to enhance performance during long and intense efforts. It contains and ideal carbohydrate ratio, electrolytes, taurine, caffeine, and beta alanine, branch chain amino acids and histidine amino acids to delay fatigue and increase muscle capacity at exertion.

The mix blends very easily in water, and it tastes light despite having 240 calories in a single serving. It is okay to use both the Roctane Energy Drink and Gel together. The gel contains some faster acting ingredients and unique nutrients and antioxidants that are absent in the drink.

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How We Use It

Use during ultra-endurance training and competitions that last 4 hours or longer. The caffeine and high-calorie content of these drink mixes also makes them ideal for prolonged high-intensity workouts.

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