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What we think

Magnesium is a mineral that is a key part of protein synthesis and energy metabolism. We need magnesium to help with muscle building and the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose for energy. Adequate intake of magnesium in athletes has been shown to:

·      Help regulate glucose distribution to both working muscles and the brain in athletes, which can help increase time to fatigue during intense exercise

·      Improve bone health

·      Increase the strength of muscle contractions

·      Improve sleep quality 

We feel like the real question is, what does magnesium not do!

So we know magnesium is important for athletes, but it turns out that most athletes are only consuming about 60% of the magnesium they need for performance benefits on a daily basis. Make sure you’re meeting your magnesium needs by including this new magnesium supplement from GU in your daily regimen! In addition to magnesium, these supplements contain zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin K. Zinc can help reinforce your immune system to keep you healthy while vitamin D and vitamin K work with magnesium to help improve your bone health. Boost the health of your bones, muscles, and heart and get the most out of your training with these magnesium supplements!

How We Use It:

Take two capsules daily, especially during periods of intense training or competition. We recommend taking these before bed to help improve sleep quality. Magnesium can have a laxative effect when taken in high doses, so we suggest taking it after training rather than before to avoid any issues.

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