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GU Energy Liquid Energy




What we think

If you're someone who struggles with the thicker texture of GU gels, this new formula is for you! GU Liquid Energy delivers the same portable and fast-absorbing carbohydrates as their regular GU gel, but in a light and refreshing liquid form. 

What's in this drinkable gel?
  • Carbohydrates: Quick energy that helps spare glycogen stores, boost endurance, and prevent bonking. GU uses a dual-source carbohydrate technology to maximize absorption and speed up delivery of fuel to your working muscles.
  • BCAA's: may help reduce mental fatigue and also help decrease muscle damage during exercise so you can maintain your power output.
  • Caffeine: Helps enhance performance by improving mental focus and concentration, increasing strength of muscle contractions, improving pain tolerance, and warding off fatigue so you can maintain your hard efforts for longer.
  • Electrolytes: helps to improve absorption of carbohydrates, boost hydration, and prevent cramping.
These liquid energy gels are a quick and easy way to get in the nutrients you need while exercising without causing stomach issues. They're both refreshing and tasty, and are vegan and gluten free for those with dietary restrictions.

How We Use Them:
These are great to have before workouts on those mornings where you might not have time to eat anything. You can have one gel 5 minutes before a high intensity workout, as well as during those workouts lasting longer than 60-90  minutes. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids with these to help with hydration and absorption!

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