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GU BCAA Amino Acid Capsules


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What we think

When you’re pushing yourself during training, your muscles may need an extra boost to help repair them from damage. That’s where these GU BCAA Capsules come in! Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are the three amino acids responsible for helping to reduce muscle fatigue, speed up recovery, and decrease the loss of other amino acids from muscles during exercise. BCAA’s can be used directly by the muscles for fuel, which can help spare your precious glycogen stores and prolong time to fatigue during exercise. They are also building blocks for protein, so they are needed for maintaining a positive balance between muscle breakdown and muscle repair, allowing you to get the most from your training.

BCAA’s are essential, meaning we are required to get them from our diet because our body’s can’t make BCAA’s on their own. If your diet is lacking in BCAA’s, your muscles can pay the price and you may not get the full benefits of your training! GU BCAA Capsules help ensure you are getting those essential amino acids to help with mental clarity, prevent muscle tissue damage, and enhance muscle growth and repair after training. Each capsule packs a 4:1:1 ratio of the three BCAAs (leucine, valine, and isoleucine) along with B Vitamins that facilitate muscle tissue recovery and reduce nausea during exercise. Not to mention, this supplement is made with all vegan ingredients!

How We Use It

Anytime is a good time to prevent muscle tissue damage. Taking BCAA capsules before, during, and after exercise helps decrease muscle tissue damage as a result of strenuous exercise. 

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