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Gnarly Nutrition Whey




What we think

Your antibiotic free and grass fed whey protein!

We all love clean and healthy ingredients that are made to deliver essential nutrients to your body. Gnarly Whey delivers healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals to support your muscle growth and immune health. This includes digestive enzymes that improve protein absorption and utilization.

A natural protein mix that is delicious and helps you achieve your muscle gains!

Gnarly Whey offers 25 grams of whey protein that is sourced from grass-fed cows. This is important because when you get your protein source from grass-fed cows, you get essential nutrients like Omega 3’s, CLA and Vitamin E. 

Key Benefits:

  • Grass Fed Whey helps you with protein synthesis and muscle growth.
  • Omega 3s help lower blood cholesterol and protect your cardiovascular system.
  • Essential building blocks for bone and cartilage health.
  • Helps increase your thermic effect of food for a higher metabolism.
  • CLA helps strengthen your immune system and heart health.

Here at The Feed, we loved the Whey Chocolate for a sweet tooth treat!

How We Use It:

We like to mix 2 scoops with 8-12oz of cold water for maximum protein absorption!

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