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Your favorite performance greens drink mix with superfoods!

When it comes to athletic performance, nutrition is key to help you achieve your goals. While we’re set on our hydration and fueling needs, we tend to forget about our micronutrients that come from greens and superfoods. Greens and superfoods are proven to give your body all the essential micronutrients for optimal performance, energy and recovery benefits!

Superfoods may sound exotic, but they’re regular foods that carry twice the amount of nutrition in smaller portions!

Energy, stamina and recovery are the most important parts of the athletic puzzle. Not only does Gnarly Performance Green optimize all three pieces of the puzzle, but it also helps prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol build up! It’s a great supplement that supports your athletic needs and long term health benefits.

Top Benefits:

  • Beetroot and Tart Cherry to support blood flow
  • Cordyceps for energy
  • Turmeric and vegan DHA to support recovery
  • Micronutrients from chlorella and spirulina to promote performance and recovery

Is dieting enough to get the same benefits?

Proper nutrition comes with the combination of diet and supplementation. Dieting and getting all the essential nutrients are a challenge, especially when you’re living a busy lifestyle. This is when supplements like Gnarly Performance Greens come in handy! This product offers all your fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E, K), Water soluble vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients come from vegan sources like vegetables, superfoods and leafy greens. 

How We Use It:

Mix 1 scoop into 12-16oz of water and have it with breakfast for optimal absorption!

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