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Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Golden Milk Protein




What we think

Support your nutritional needs with a better, tastier meal replacement...like a latte better.

Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Golden Milk

Indulge in a warm treat with Gnarly Nutrition Vegan Golden Milk. Made with cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper extract, this vegan meal replacement actively supports healthy inflammation response with some of the most potent natural compounds out there. Although it's marketed as a meal replacement, we think it's an amazing addition to the meal plan of an athlete looking to tidy up on nutrition or meet protein goals.

Reap the benefits of recovery, nourishment, and inflammation support without sacrificing on taste. Gnarly Nutrition has taken that coffee shop Golden Milk taste and given it a healthy upgrade – all you have to do is just add water.


  • Vegan!
  • 20g of protein
  • 400mg of turmeric
  • 14 vitamins and minerals
  • An "mmm-mm that's good" taste

How to Use It:

Simply add water or milk of choice (~12-16oz), mix, and enjoy. It's ideal after a workout or during the midday slump.

Pro Tip: we definitely recommend trying it warm – it really brightens your taste buds. 

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