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Gnarly Nutrition Fuel2O - Orange Drank




What we think

A limited edition of the Fuel 2 0 for all you salty sweaters.

The Orange Drank

Fuel 2 O Orange Drank is formulated with easy to digest carbohydrates that provide quick energy without stomach upset! It "builds" upon their Hydration by incorporating more carbohydrates to serve as fuel. They offer the same 25g of carbohydrates as the other Fuel 2 0 along with 500mg sodium (per serving) making it a convenient fueling and hydration source for any sweat session!

The best part about Fuel 2 O is the concept behind fueling, hydration, and recovery being all in one. 

Now you may ask…where is the recovery portion of this drink mix?

Fuel 2 O is formulated with HMB, which is a metabolite of the BCAA Leucine. HMB helps you minimize your muscle breakdown over long efforts, which results in a faster turnaround time between your hard training sessions and races! It also helps reduce muscle loss, and improves your exercise adaptation.

Increased carbohydrate absorption in the body means improved fluid delivery for better hydration!

Fuel 2 O Offers full spectrum electrolytes, including chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium that replaces those electrolytes lost from sweat. It offers 500mg of sodium including those minerals for optimal hydration and replenishment. Never worry about mineral loss with this one!

It features an updated packaging and a super tasty flavor. Think: orange creamsicle. 

How to Use It:

For workouts lasting over an hour, we recommend adding 1 scoop per 12oz to get a 500mg of sodium per serving. If you are a heavier sweater, or it's especially hot outside, then you may look at adding 2 scoops for 24oz - that's 1000mg of sodium.

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