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Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate




What we think

Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate is a fresh take on daily hydration.

While we know the importance of staying hydrated while living an active lifestyle or training hard, not everyone wants (or needs) to be sipping on sugar throughout the day. With an unbelievably great flavor at a low sugar content of just 4g, its great for bringing us back to our bottle.

What’s in it?

Utilizing natural ingredients, Hydrate is chalked full of electrolytes like Sodium, Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.

It has 250mg of sodium (up to 500mg on some of the Limited Edition options) - our main electrolyte focus. In addition, Gnarly Hydrate also offers B Vitamins that are known to ensure you’re properly digesting and absorbing your nutrients throughout the day, prevent any type of nutrient deficiencies, and help with maximum performance benefits.

Why do we love this?

We know you may have plenty of sports mix lying around, but those are usually targeted in one direction: providing some fuel to benefit a workout. That means they likely come with a bit more sugar, which is okay when exercising. This is a daily hydration that doesn’t impact your caloric intake but provides the necessary blend of nutrients to improve hydration.

What’re my options?

They have three tasty flavors: Orange Pineapple, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Raspberry. (Psssttt....sometimes we even have some Limited Edition options like Salted Margarita or Lemonade)

They come in single servings or an economical 40-serving bag.

How to use it?

As discussed, this is a great daily hydration mix. It’s also good for those activities or training sessions that don’t require a bigger emphasis on fueling. We love to use a serving pre- and post-training to get back into a hydrated state.

Mix with 12-16oz of water and shake vigorously.


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