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What we think

Our favorite strength and muscle building supplement!

Did you know that creatine is one of the most studied supplements in the nutrition industry? Here’s why…

Creatine is actually naturally produced in your body, and it provides your muscles with energy in the form of ATP to help you push harder and longer during your workouts. These efforts lead to increased muscle growth over time! With that being said, scientists created a supplement to see if it would help increase muscle growth even more by supplementing with more creatine. Studies have shown that taking 5g of creatine a day significantly increases your muscle creatine stores. These increased muscle creatine stores are allowing you to push harder, and allowing your muscles to perform better and grow quicker. 

Creatine reduces muscle damage, inflammation and soreness.

Due to its significant impact on muscle strength and growth, scientists continued to research creatine, because of how mind blowing the effects are! They could not believe that such supplementation does such drastic changes to someone’s athletic performance and muscle synthesis. 

So yes, it’s true, Creatine absolutely does increase muscle strength and size!

Now that we know the benefits of creatine, let's talk about who would benefit the most out of it. Research states that creatine is most beneficial for short term high intensity exercise, like bodybuilding, powerlifting or any type of strength training. However, if you are participating in any form of high intensity exercise (sprints, explosive drills, or high intensity interval training), you will most definitely benefit from some extra ATP!

How Do We Use It:

We like to mix 1 scoop/5 grams of creatine with our pre-workout or intra-workout drinks. However, you can take creatine anytime of the day!

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