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What we think

Essential building blocks for your joint health!

Collagen is an important component of your joints that is naturally found in your body. As you age, collagen production slows down and declines, which is what causes joint inflammation and joint weaknesses. Supplementing with Collagen Pro at an early age will help maintain your collagen production in your body as you age. Even at an older age, Collagen Pro will help you resynthesize collagen in your body to supplement your joints, tendons and ligaments with some strength and health!

These collagen peptides are sources from pasture-raised and finished cattle!

The secret here is when you consume those collagen peptides. Research suggests that you consume it 30-60 minutes before your training session or workout, to help your body kickstart collagen synthesis. This mechanism helps make your tendons, ligaments, and joints healthier and more resilient during your workout and over time. 

In addition to collagen peptides, Gnarly Collagen Pro also supplements your body with Vitamin C upto 100% of your daily value. The reason behind this Vit C supplementation is its function in the collagen absorption mechanism. On top of Vit C, you also get 15mg of Zinc, which works to protect your collagen and aid in synthesis of collagen.

All these ingredients are offered to help you get the most benefit from collagen peptides!

How We Use It:

Because Gnarly Collagen Pro is unflavored, there’s many ways to include it in your daily routine. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Mix 2 scoops with your daily coffee in the morning.
  2. Mix 2 scoops with your Gnarly Pre-workout 30 mins before your workout.
  3. Mix 2 scoops with your hot chocolate at night.

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