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Fuel For Fire Fuel Pack




What we think

Fuel for Fire is a pre-made smoothie in a convenient, re-sealable squeeze pack that is a great option for well-balanced on the go nutrition. Each pack contains pureed fruits and high quality protein, making it a nutritious source of fuel for any time of day. Each pack contains 10 grams of protein and high quality carbs from good ‘ol natural fruit. It’s a great tasting and ridiculously nutritious way to nutritious, real food, on-the-go.


Some flavors contain whey protein while others contain plant based protein. All flavors are made without added sugars and are gluten free, so these make a great option to fit most dietary needs. These smoothies do not require refrigeration, so you can keep them with you wherever you are. Whether you're looking for some easy to digest fuel for a long ride, an easy grab and go breakfast, or a post-workout recovery smoothie without all of the hassle, we think you'll love Fuel for Fire!

Feed's Fave: Banana Cocoa

How We Use It

Have one pack every couple of hours during long, sustained efforts (like Gran Fondos, Ultras, or Ironmans), carry one with you in your gym bag for a post workout recovery snack, or keep these in your desk drawer for a mid day pick me up. Also a great option for those who need a quick breakfast on their way out the door!

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