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Get ready for your best sleep yet with nootropic ZZZZs!

We all know that getting some quality sleep is crucial to optimize performance. However, sports and athleticism can compromise sleep due to its high stress levels and impact on the body. This type of sleep neglect can alter performance and increase overall stress. Well, Form nutrition came out with a nootropic specifically formulated to get you some quality sleep.

Make the most out of your days by naturally supporting a regenerative sleep!

Key Benefits:

  • 5-HTP to help increase brain serotonin levels
  • L-Glycine and L-Theanine for calming and focus benefits
  • Magnesium to target neurotransmitters that stimulate sleep
  • Zinc to lower wake-up times and stimulate a calming effect
  • BioPerine for superior absorption

This supplement is formulated with a blend of ingredients to support quality sleep naturally by addressing any deficiencies that may be affecting your sleep. It also stimulates a relaxing and calming effect to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and stay asleep without any disturbance.

How We Use It:

We like to take one capsule about 30 minutes before bed time to start the journey to the best sleep yet!

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