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Flow Formulas Endurance Gel Mix




What we think

Flow Formulas has redefined the gel, making one that is customizable, cuts down on waste, and comes in a cost-effective bulk bag for athletes.

Flow Formulas has been known for its simple, clean, and scientifically accurate Endurance Drink Mix. The 60/90, as most know. While it is a versatile and reliable mix, they wanted to add some variety to their lineup. This spurred the creation of a gel, but not one that was just like all the others.

The Gel Mix comes in a bulk bag of 20 servings worth of gels. Just add a heaping scoop of it to water and mix it in one of their new reusable flasks!


  • An easy way to bring calories and electrolytes for training and racing
  • Glucose: Fructose ratio of 1: 0.8 – based on current sports performance research
  • Allows customization for your preferences
  • Reduces waste with the reusable gel flasks
  • Two sizes of flasks allow you to carry up to four gels in one flask
  • Lower cost compared to similar-sized gels

As always, they’re Top 12 allergen-free with exceptional taste.


Well, there’s the super tasty Rainbow Fruit Blast…but do you ever get tired of flavor after hours and hours of racing/training? That’s why they have a Flavorless – it goes down easy and can keep you going when you find it difficult to take in other fuel.

How to Use It:

Add warm water, then a heaping scoop of the mix (40g of carbs), shake vigorously, and then let it dissolve for a few minutes. Voilà!

You may add more scoops to fit your fueling needs and preferences.


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