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What we think

It's not wrong to love chocolate, especially when it's a powerful, performance-boosting cocoa powder like Flavamix.

Flavanaturals specializes in high-quality cocoa-based products that deliver 5-9X the flavanol super-nutrients of standard dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Flavanols are potent vasodilators with a nitric oxide mechanism (similar to beetroot). Improved vasodilation enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles and increases your lactic acid threshold.

How do they do this? It's a long process...one that requires sourcing the most high-flavanol (and tasty!) beans in the world, maintaining precise control of the fermentation and roasting process, and avoiding alkalization and all types of chemical processing. In return, it's a powder maximized in both cocoa flavanols and rich chocolate flavor.

Performance Cocoa Powder

FlavaMix Performance Cocoa contains 900mg of cocoa flavanol antioxidants per serving, 7X the flavanols of standard cocoa powder, and levels shown to increase artery flexibility (vasodilation) by an average of over 30% with daily use.  It's a rich and versatile powder that can enhance your favorite smoothie, protein shake, oatmeal, and more. FlavaMix also supports your overall cardiovascular health by favorably impacting your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. 

How to Use It:

Add a scoop to a smoothie, bowl of yogurt or oatmeal, protein shake, coffee, and more. Then add a sweetener because FlavaMix is unsweetened and mix/blend well. Enjoy daily if possible as the benefits of cocoa flavanols build with daily use. Many athletes consume FlavaMix pre-workout for maximal performance benefits although timing is less important if consumed daily.  

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