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First Endurance Optygen is a supplement that uses adaptogens to help the body deal with stress and increase oxygen utilization. Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that normalize your body's processes during times of stress and exertion. They can help your immune response, aid absorption of nutrients, as well as increase stamina and strength.

Optygen uses two of the main adaptogens used by Tibetan Sherpas to help them Climb Mount Everest. Over time, use of optygen can help increase endurance performance, regulate cortisol levels and reduce lactic acid. While the end goal is to train harder and perform better, it is important to note that to see the effects of Optygen it should be used consistently for many months. Taking Optygen just a few days before a big event will result in very minimal gains.

How We Use It

We use this product as a daily supplement. When starting your daily regimine, take 6 tablets every morning for 7 days. After the first 7 days, take 3 tablets every morning.

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