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First Endurance MultiV 90ct




What we think

The all-new First Endurance MultiV is unlike any other multivitamin available...even their own previous MultiV-PRO.

Engineered for Endurance

This unparalleled formulation contains a number of special ingredients (besides just vitamins and minerals) that address the unique requirements of endurance athletes. We all know that off-the-shelf multi vitamins just aren't sufficient for the needs of athletes. This revolutionary formula provides vitamins, minerals, and patented components shown by clinical research to be critical needs for athletes training in multi-hour blocks of high-intensity endurance exercise.

In addition to having the highest quality, most bio-available vitamins and chelated minerals, this special endurance formula delivers clinically effective doses of enzymes, iron, vitamin D, vitamin K2, and antioxidants to keep you training and performing at your best.

Multi-V combines the power of plant based nutrients with the most powerful antioxidant vitamins and minerals out there. They address what's needed for the lifestyle of an athlete. Everything in MultiV is research-driven. 

How to use it:

We use First Endurance MultiV for increased athletic performance. Daily use allows for greater oxygen utilization, improved endurance capacity, and enhanced muscle recovery. The serving size is three capsules, so we like to take one or two in the morning and the other in the evening to spread out their nutrients through the day. 

*If you take medications, be sure to check with your physician first before taking this supplement due to potential interactions.

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