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First Endurance Liquid Shots




What we think

The non-traditional gel that is going to change your peak performance!

Let us explain...

First Endurance Liquid Shots are made with more calories, electrolytes and a lighter consistency. Safe to say that First Endurance is definitely looking out to help athletes achieve peak performance in various ways.

Key Benefits

  • Lowers GI distress by omitting thickening agents. This allows you to consume this gel easier without chasing it with an entire water bottle and avoiding breathing issues while racing.
  • Consists of blending complex carbohydrates for prolonged fuel, and fast uptake carbohydrates for immediate energy. This allows you to replenish your energy levels quickly and stay energized for high-intensity efforts.
  • Contains all five electrolytes for better nutrient uptake and cramp prevention during extreme heat and high-intensity efforts. This allows you to sustain yourself with immediate energy and effective cramp prevention.
  • Consists of a light and neutral flavor, making it easy to consume as often as needed. This allows you to avoid fatigue that comes with overpoweringly sweetened gels, which can lead to insufficient fueling.

Formulated with more carbohydrates and more electrolytes, First Endurance Liquid Shot is your way out of unwanted cramping, fatigue, and performance delays!

Deceptively simple & technologically advanced...This 110 calorie liquid gold is your road to a new PR.

How to use it:

We like to take 1-2 liquid shots during a workout or race for a quick and efficient boost of energy. With these shots, you should have prolonged energy for high-intensity efforts. Consume more as needed!

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