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First Endurance HALO


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What we think

First Endurance Halo is the newest and most effective joint and muscle repair system!

We’ve all heard about turmeric (or curcumin) as an effective ingredient to reduce inflammation and accelerate joint and muscle repair. What we haven’t heard of, is an even faster way that this ingredient can be utilized in our system. Well, First Endurance Halo has actually added a couple of ingredients that can work together with turmeric/curcumin to get your joints and muscles recovering even more efficiently. 

This unique proprietary blend is their patented HALO formula that consists of:

  1. Krill Oil as Superba2
  2. Turmeric Oleoresin (95% curcuminoids)

You know the drill. You work hard hard enough to make progress, but you encounter a minor injury that can put a complete stop to your training plan. Well, this product actually works by using it after intense training. 

Performance Benefits:

  • Increases joint health & comfort
  • Reduces inflammation & soreness
  • Accelerates joint & muscle repair

Curcuminoids and Omega 3 phospholipids help work this type of magic by signaling the musculoskeletal system to kickstart the repair and adaptation process, which provides comfort to muscles and joints that are aching from training. Basically, if you have this product on hand, you’re guaranteed a full recovery as soon as you start your workout!

How We Use It:

We like to take 2 pills anytime during the day. On days with extreme exercise, we recommend 2 additional pills after your workout for optimal results.

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