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First Endurance EFS PRO Drink Mix




What we think

An upgraded experience to the already trusty EFS Drink Mix. 


Are you an ultramarathoner, endurance athlete, or someone training in high heat? Then EFS PRO is for you…  

It’s no secret that mixing up the right amount of electrolytes, fuel, and mental energy during your super hard and/or hot training efforts without triggering a hefty gut punch is a rare art...one that most serious athletes spend countless frustrating hours perfecting… 

But what if you didn’t have to use trial and error to figure it out? What if you didn’t have to fumble with a bunch of gooey gels and annoying electrolyte sticks all while trying to hit a new PR? 

What if you could literally just MIX & GO and KNOW that you’re getting more than double the electrolytes to keep you hydrated and cramp-free, fast-acting fuel that’s easy to digest, and even some bonus Alpha brain wave support to keep you going at the last hour, even when your legs are screaming at you to stop… 

What's the Difference? 

With an unparalleled amount of electrolytes included in each scoop, a scientifically advanced fueling system, and now NEWLY formulated with Alpha-brain wave enhancing chemicals to keep you MENTALLY TOUGH, even when your legs are literally screaming at you to stop… EFS-PRO is so rare, it’s like the unicorn of sports supplements.

Here’s what makes it so magical:

1. Unrivaled electrolytes, yet tastes good enough to drink ALL DAY…

EFS-PRO’s 1,400mg of electrolytes per serving are unrivaled across the industry, ensuring untimely cramps aren’t the weak link in your training and racing.

Despite its high electrolyte content, EFS-PRO still tastes good, which—we admit—is something we couldn’t always say about their previous mixes. There’s no need to lighten the concentration and substitute with electrolyte tabs just to make it palatable or stave off sweetness fatigue. Like many of you, we came to enjoy and even crave the salty flavor of previous endurance mixes; however, the new EFS-PRO’s reworked flavor profile eliminates the need to acquire a taste for it—it just tastes good, with a light sweetness that isn’t so cloyingly saccharine that ingesting it for several hours in a row becomes yet another race-day obstacle.


2. Bioavailability is the best ability

EFS-PRO utilizes Optimal Absorption Technology, which means every ingredient is selected and portioned to deliver more carbs, electrolytes and other essential nutrients without causing GI distress. We insist on ingredients like Cyclic Cluster Dextrin (CCD) carbs, which prevent distress even at high concentration, and DiCalcium malate and DiMagnesium malate, two unique mineral sources that boost absorption rates by 20 to 100%.

EFS-PRO also includes sodium citrate, which reduces stomach acidity to further ease absorption, and citric and malic acids to encourage oxygen uptake and production of ATP (the body’s energy source), helping your cells use the fuel once it’s delivered.

3. Mental toughness wins the race

Races are won and lost in the moments when you’re so crushed that even the thought of maintaining your target pace or throwing a shift lever can make you want to stop running or climb off the bike. But unless you’ve completely bonked, that’s just a thought, so EFS-PRO includes Suntheanine® (also in EFS) and PharmaGABA® (unique to EFS-PRO) to silence that pain-induced panic. In clinical research, both ingredients have been shown to boost alpha brainwaves and promote whole-body antistress, relaxation, and calming effects while maintaining cognitive functions under stress.

Outside of the clinic, we call that mental toughness, and anyone who’s suffered in competition knows that it’s often the difference between either digging deeper through the pain to find a response or watching the gap grow as the race leaves you behind. EFS’s precise dosing of Suntheanine® and PharmaGABA® make EFS-PRO the most advanced endurance nutrition and hydration mix available. They help you get the most out of every stride or pedal stroke, even—or especially—when your legs are screaming at your brain to stop.

Performance Benefits

  • Great new taste
  • Promotes mental toughness
  • Engineered for unparalleled performance
  • Industry-leading electrolyte content to prevent cramping 

    Feed Fave: Lemon Lime

    Here's what our athletes have to say...

    After 17 hours of pounding 3 scoops per hour, the taste stays perfectly subtle and desirable. Steady energy and zero stomach bloating, goes down like plain water - amazing. Ran 17+ hours on an exposed ski mountain on a very hot and sunny day, and I am a huge sweater. But the sodium and lytes in this were all I took in, and I performed above and beyond expectations, no low points in energy, no cramps, remained well hydrated and in very high spirits mentally. Can't imagine some people have to fiddle with electrolyte pills, SO much easier to have it all in the drink. This is the best drink mix I have ever used, and I've used so many different ones…”


    “Previously, I used gels in addition to hydration for fuel. I narrowed my gel flavor choices down to a handful of flavors that caused the least amount of GI issues, and I assumed this solution was the best choice to fuel these events. Well this past year, FE sent me some samples of EFS PRO with a shipment, and I tried them out and I’m totally amazed. I’ve had zero GI issues with this product and use it as my sole hydration and fuel for long runs. This makes it much simpler logistically and the performance is the same or better to boot. In addition to being easy on the GI tract, the flavors are also good and don’t taste overly sweet”


    “Hands down the best balance of supplements to keep you going! They call it PRO for a reason, you turn PRO when using this mix. I used this mix on a 100 mile race and performed above my expectations.”


    EFS-PRO takes the guesswork, headache, cramping and GI upset out of the equation for you so that you can simply mix, drink, and keep on pushing, all day, in sweltering heat... they got you.


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