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First Endurance EFS Drink Mix




What we think

Nothing can kill a good ride or run like leg cramps…

but nothing can kill cramps quite like EFS.

If occasional cramping is a major frustration for you and you want an easy, reliable solution to prevent cramping while training then EFS Sports Hydration is exactly what you’re looking for.


If you are a "Type A" endurance athlete...you’ve probably spent countless aggravating hours attempting to calculate your specific electrolyte, hydration, and fueling needs on any given workout by mixing a concoction of various products and supplements at precise intervals to match your estimated sweatage and wattage outputs based on a number of hypothesized factors… (eyes glaze over yet 🥴?)

But guesswork and estimation can only take us so far. So what most of us end up doing is crossing our fingers and hoping we haven’t mixed up a major gut punch, a serious bonking issue or legs that end up screaming in pain from dehydration.

Which is why we (and countless athletes) are so excited about First Endurance EFS Drink Mix, now reformulated to TASTE GOOD.

🏅It includes everything you need to fuel your workout

EFS provides the ideal blend of carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants, and electrolytes to fuel your working muscles and improve your endurance capacity during exercise. This drink mix uses a combination of glucose and sucrose, which helps increase absorption and utilization during exercise. Not to mention, it’s a 7% carbohydrate solution so it’s low concentration enough to reduce risk of stomach issues.

🏅It's THE solution to cramping

Using the latest amino acid technology, superior mineral bioavailability, and the addition of Malic acid, EFS refuels and rehydrates better than ever before. It has a unique Total Electrolyte Blend that provides the highest electrolyte content available (1160mg of all 5 essential electrolytes per serving), so you won’t need to add anything else to this mix. If you’re going for Gold and pushing extra hard and/or training in the sweltering summer heat… check out brand-new EFS PRO for the ultimate hydration solution.  

🏅Drink it all day long with no issues

We find you can drink EFS again and again without getting sick of it, or having stomach issues. It’s light and easy to digest and has just been reformulated so that the flavor is much better (old formula was okay, but quite salty. New formula is much tastier ).

🏅Now formulated for mental toughness

Now EFS really is your ultimate all-in-one sports mix as the new formula.. includes the addition of Theanine (a chemical which helps boost Alpha brain waves while decreasing Beta brain waves) so you’ll have the mental toughness it takes to push your body to the limits when it matters most.

Performance Benefits

  • Theanine boosts mental toughness to help you push through suffering

  • Industry-leading electrolyte content—nothing is better at preventing cramps

  • Carbs from multiple sources provide immediate and sustained fuel

  • 7% osmolality ensures bioavailability and reduces GI distress

  • Citric and malic acids promote oxygen uptake and energy production

  • New taste profile eliminates the flavor vs function compromise

Feed’s Fav: Orange 🍊

How to use it?

We use this product during workouts and competition to keep our bodies hydrated with all the nutrients necessary for optimum performance. We recommend consuming one serving per half-hour of intense training.

It’s easy to mix, and won’t leave clumps. It also makes packing for your ride or run a lot easier since you won’t need to fumble with a bunch of gels, chews, electrolyte sticks etc. Just bring enough water and EFS to keep you going for a cramp-free, high energy training sesh.

“No cramps, long-lasting endurance, decent taste, no food coloring, low cost & mixes well. What else can be said?”

-Kim Z. 

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