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What we think

EPIC's Bone Broth is the world's first Ready to Heat beverage of its kind! Started by a couple who wanted to replenish their bodies after a hard workout without consuming high amounts of added or processed ingredients, the Epic brand was born. We love Epic products because they are committed to global large-scale grassland restoration efforts, so their animals get to roam freely outdoors and eat the foods they were intended to eat. Their products are made with wholesome ingredients that taste great to help give you the nutrients you need to recover!

So what's so good about bone broth?! This Epic Bone Broth is made with slowly cooked bones so it’s full of nourishing collagen, minerals, and gelatin that helps reduce inflammation and boost tissue repair! Bottled fresh in glass containers preserves all the goodness of traditional bone broth and make this wholesome beverage convenient for on the go nourishment. Simply heat it up and sip it on the go!

Bone broth is all the rage right now, as even the Los Angeles Lakers use this 'miracle' product. Kobe Bryant, one of the biggest advocates for bone broth even says, "It's great - energy, inflammation. It's great."

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How We Use It

A pre-workout meal?! Yeah, that's right.  Kobe Bryant and fellow Lakers teammates would eat bone broth about an hour or two before almost every game. The Feed Team loves to pack a thermos of this warm, savory broth to use while out on the slopes. Also, great to warm back up with after you get back from a cold run or ride! No matter which way you use it, you can't go wrong!  

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